RFP for the Kauai Creative Technology Center

Kauai Economic Development Board is seeking proposals to complete the next phase of planning for the Kaua`i Creative Technology Center. The Kaua`i Creative Technology Center (KCTC) is one of the island’s cornerstone initiatives to diversify its current tourism dominated economy to include more knowledge-based business and job opportunities in the Creative Industries Sector. The KCTC will serve as the focal point for investment, innovation and creative human capital to build this sector.

The Scope of Work will include ecosystem mapping, integration of maker space into the business model, an updated site assessment, schematic development, and econometric modeling.

RFP deadline: May 11, 2018
Please reply to: Nancy Kanna, Interim Executive Director, Kauai Economic Development Board
(808) 245-6692


Download the RFP pdf here