Aloha `Ike

Translated from Hawaiian, Aloha `Ike means “to love learning.” The Aloha Ike program is administered by the Kauai Economic Development Board (KEDB) and is a partnership between the Department of Education and the community to enhance the educational opportunities for all of Kauai’s keiki in grades K-12. Specifically, Aloha `Ike provides private grants to projects that supplement academic programs in any Kaua`i public, private, and charter school serving grades K-12, and:

  • Encourages teachers and administrators to expand the education enrichment opportunities for their students;
  • Facilitates the application of academic concepts through innovative project-based learning; and
  • Develops partnerships with participating companies, institutions of higher learning, and other members of the community.

Click here to view the Aloha `Ike Information Paper.


Administered by KEDB’s Education Committee, Aloha `Ike grants are awarded monthly throughout the year, with applications accepted on the last Wednesday of each month. All Kaua`i public, private, and charter schools serving grades K-12 may apply for an Aloha `Ike grant.

For complete details, click on:
Aloha `Ike packet including the grant application

For a sample of a completed application, please contact Jackie Kaina at KEDB at or (808) 245-6692.

Contribute Today!

Since its inception in 2005, Aloha `Ike is supported entirely through individual and corporate donations. Aloha `Ike hosts one fundraising event annually. Help enrich the education of Kaua`i’s keiki and become a major sponsor to Aloha `Ike in one of our three giving categories: Diamond – $15,000 and over; Platinum – $5,000; and Gold – $1,000 to ensure the success of the program. Donations may be tax-deductible in whole or in part and can be mailed to KEDB directly. For more information, contact us today.
Mahalo to our generous Aloha `Ike sponsors!

Hawaii’s 3R’s

KEDB participated in the Hawai`i 3R’s, Repair, Remodel & Restore Hawai`i’s Schools, program by coordinating DAGS, DOE, the State Legislature, and America’s Promise Hawai`i, with efforts among Kaua`i schools, students, teachers, communities, unions, businesses, and trade professions. The goal of the program is to bring in outside financial and human resources to assist in the elimination of the State’s $640 million repair and maintenance costs for public schools. Click here to visit the Hawai`i 3R’s website.

MentorNet: Women in Technology

In collaboration with Kaua`i Community College (KCC) and the Maui Economic Development Board: Women In Technology Project, KEDB has brought the MentorNet program to KCC. This program pairs women pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees in engineering, math, computer science, techonologies, and any other science with women engineers and scientists working in industry and national labs for email-based mentoring relationships. Through their women in business mentors, students are acquainted with career opportunities in technical and industrial careers, gain access to professional networks, and receive personal and professional guidance, support and encouragement. Click here to visit the MentorNet website.

Hawai`i Council on Economic Education

Hawai`i Council on Economic Education’s Economics Carde – A Program to Create and Support Teacher Advocates for Economic Education. Learn more about how you can help teachers empower Hawai`i’s students to make smart economic and financial choice.

Kaua`i Technology & Business Assistance and Outreach Program

A partnership between KEDB and the Hawai`i Technology Development Venture, a project of the Pacific International Center for High Technology Research that provides funding, education and training to enable Hawai`i small businesses to participate in Federal Department of Defense acquisition programs and to enhance commercialization potential. For more information, please call KEDB office at (808) 245-6692.